So long as I have Fandoms

I'm a geek. Ask about my fandoms. They are numerous and I'm surprised I'm not buried under them half as much as I am.

Okay, so, I bought my friend Jen a plant to celebrate her graduation. Cool of me, right? Yeah, I thought so too. Jen is great. I’m happy she graduated. But like, I went to go see her today and when I opened the door to her place I saw her sitting in the middle of her floor chanting stuff like “COMFY SWEATER DEREK GIVE ME THE FANFIC I WANT THE FANFICS MOLES LIGHTHOUSES SENSUAL LICKS. GIVE ME THE FANFIC. I WANT THE FANFICS.” And wouldn’t you know that she was chanting this over my plant. Which was on FIRE. What the hell Jen? Should I report her?

Madison Grenotta, concern friend, spent the last of her well earned sex tape money on that plant and is now super bummed ANONYMOUS  (via megaultrateenwolfconfessions)

One time I saw Scott McCall punch Jackson Whittemore’s locker door off. When he walked away I stole most of Whittemore’s stuff. I sold his watch for like six hundred dollars. I don’t care how much McCall and his friends fuck up the school as long as I keep benefiting from it.

some asshole who cares Anonymous (via megaultrateenwolfconfessions)

They think I don’t know. But I know. This is some straight up white boy Matthew Perry romance movie shit. I ain’t havin’ none of it. I’m out. I quit.

Jason Grimes, was the Janitor at Beacon Hills High but is now pursuing a career in beatboxing under the name Phuck Itall. ANONYMOUS (via megaultrateenwolfconfessions)